The effort to govern biblically during the planting and establishment of Christ Church in La Grande has necessitated a team of External Oversight Elders for input, covering, accountability, and collaboration for the Lead/Planting Pastor. This was always intended to be temporary seeing that local/internal governance by biblically qualified Elders is the preferred structure (Acts 14:21-23, Titus 1:5).

Raising up and appointing local Elders takes time and intentionality. Our goal is to have internal elders established within the next two years. For more information please connect with us! 


External Elder

Patrick Bowler

My wife Sarah and I have lived in the valley most of our lives, we have been married for 24 years, and have five wonderful kids. I began serving in the church in the mid-nineties as a youth pastor and worship leader and served in that capacity for close to a decade. I helped plant Valley Life Church in 2005 and were soon after connected with the Acts 29 Network. God willing, I aim to pastor this church for the rest of my life. I aim to preach Jesus until I cannot speak. I aim to see leaders identified within our church and I intend to see them trained, equipped and sent out to plant new churches (2 Tim. 2:2). That is my aim… that is our aim as a church; to make more disciples and plant more churches (Matt. 28:19, 20).

External Elder

Jared Lyda

Jared Lyda is the founding elder of All of Life Church in Post Falls, Idaho (Est. 2015). He is married to Meredith, and they have one son and three daughters. As a family they enjoy the company of friends around their table, trips to the lake, and reading great stories while huddled in a circle on the family room floor.


Local Elder

Tanner Sheahan

Tanner was sent out by the Elders of Valley Life Church in Lebanon Oregon to plant Christ Church in 2017 and serves as founding pastor/elder locally. Pastoral ministry in various capacities in a local church setting reaches back to 2011 with deep heart to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform people for God’s glory and their joy.