Lottes Building

1413 Adams Avenue


We are a casual “dressing” church so come as you are! Anyone and everyone is invited and welcome to join us.

Doors open 30 minutes early with coffee and food to facilitate conversation and fellowship. We aim for a total service time of around 1h and 15min. There will be some time to hang out afterwards as well.

Sometimes it’s helpful to walk in and know what service will look like so here is a quick breakdown:

  • Gospel-centered worship songs with lyrics provides either on paper or on the screen
  • Announcements as needed & kids church nursery – 5th Grade dismissed
  • 30 minutes sermon aiming to illuminate the person, work, and Gospel of Jesus Christ from all of Scripture. All sermons are and will be firmly anchored in the Christian Bible and preached in our common, everyday speech so it is easily accessible. We typically use the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible.
    • You’ll be able to follow along if you own or prefer another version.
    • There are Bibles available for use on the Welcome Table each week.
    • If you do not own a Bible we want you to keep one of them as a gift from us!
  • Communion (also known as The Lord’s Supper) each week to “remember Jesus through the bread and the cup,” walk out an act of faith in Jesus Christ, and proclaim His life, death, and resurrection until he returns. 
  • Tithes/Offerings 
  • Worship songs & kids church rejoins
  • Doxology